Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 2: Eating/exercise

Today is day two of my eating healthy and exercise plan. Since I haven't got my movie yet it is just going to the gym, but I am feeling better already and it was only the first day.

I stayed in my calorie range yesterday despite having some taco dip for snack. That made me :) big to know that if I have a moderate serving I can still have my favorites. Next time I will make it with fat free food also. Then I had leftover roast and potatoes for lunch with a 100 calorie pudding.

Today's food:
B: My oatmeal was missing so I had some applesauce and pretzels. Not the best, but still low calorie.
L: Leftover sauted chicken and rice and a 100 calorie pudding
D: Beef tips, low cal mashed potaotes, and broccoli.
S: Some fruit

Exercise: Walking for an hour or so around the neighborhood.

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