Monday, June 15, 2009

My First Weekend

I made it!
Friday we didn't end up going to our friend's house so I was able to go to the gym YAY! I then went home and made my first carb smart spaghetti with sauce. It was pretty good and I didn't even eat all of my serving which is great considering that pasta is my weakness!

Saturday: I didn't go to the gym and I was a little mad at myself, but I did clean my house so that counts for a little exercise. I also ate light until dinner. We went out to Chili's and I can not resist their margaritas. I did get my dinner of the guiltless menu and no dessert and I was full and didn't eat anything the rest of the night.

Sunday: I was starving all day for some reason so I upped my calories to 1800.

All in all I did way better than I expected so that makes me feel good about this.

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