Friday, June 12, 2009

My First Challenge

I just got a text from my lovely Boyfriend that we were invited to our friends house for shrimp and fries and drinks. Uh Oh. I went over to Sparkpeople and started adding things in and it isn't so bad. I will probably grab some chips and salsa so that I can eat those instead of fries. I added fried shrimp (I won't eat a lot since I don't care for shrimp) and vodka (with diet coke) and it was only 463 calories and since I skipped breakfast I still have 593 left for the day so I can have those chips or an extra drink :). I wont get to work out, but I will just do it Sunday instead of resting that day.


  1. Sounds like you've got it under control!!! I have a wedding tonight and like an idiot I went ahead and did my hair and I'm too vain to do my workout and risk messing it up =P So I'm going to try to eat extra nice tonight... Or do 30ds at like 1am :P

    PS- don't be scared!! Like I said in my post, I have really flat feet so it makes working out 10x more painful bc my joints swell :( Anyway, as Jillian says... Pain is just 'fear leaving the body' :-)!

  2. Thanks. I didn't end up doing to bad this weekend and I was able to put a workout in on Friday!